A coaches view to what is to come – 18.4

Most of the CrossFit community is madly trying to guess what is coming out of Dave Castro’s hopper this coming Friday when 18.4 is released.

Let’s cover what we don’t think it will be first. With the high volume of double unders or single skips done in the last 7 days I believe it is safe to say that there will be no cyclicle bounding meaning box jumps. If so, it is just plain dumb programming unless step down is enforced.  The shear forces applied to athletes achilles tendons and calves potentially requires days if not weeks to recover without increasing the chances of injury.

With that being said we haven’t seen

– Handstand Pushups
– Thrusters
– Chest 2 Bar Pullups
– Deadlifts
– Snatches (Hang, Power or Squat)

In my years of programming and coaching I think the likely-hood of coupling Handstands and Thrusters is a long shot. Could we see a repeat of last years 50’s Deadlift, Wallballs, Row Cals and Handstands maybe substituting row cals for Chest 2 Bar.

I think we will return to a heavy triplet style workout in traditional CrossFit rep schemes and time domains.
something like:

12/14 Min AMRAP

5 Deadlifts 140
20 Wallballs

You know what that leaves week 5 “The couplet of death” Thrusters and Chest 2 Bar. At the end of the day your guess is as mine. Good luck to all attempting 18.4 this next round.

Coach on the couch!!


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