A. Build to a max Squat Clean
Got to 120kg pretty neat went to 125kg and elbows were slow underneath and missed it. On video pulled high enough to catch into a power clean
B. 100 Front Squat for time @ 85kg
Interesting this one. At first I though holy shit I wrote it up on the board as 20 sets of 5. So my plan was almost to go EMOM. When you look at it like that it doesn’t sound so bad EMOM 5 x 20 @ 60% I went quicker than that and finished in
T: 16:14
C 20min Row Z1
Get very tight and sore on rower over longer distances covered 4400m

Weekly Update week ending 5/1/14

A. Squat clean x1/Hang squat clean x3/Front squat x5; rest 2:30 x6
Super happy with this effort got 90kg for my last two sets without putting the bar down.

70, 80,80,85,90,90

B. Muscle ups; 5 for time x6; rest 2 min
Went 3’s UB was ridiculously humid and was sweating too much to link anymore. All around the .35 second mark
20 min amrap @80% effort
20 thrusters 45#
20 double unders
20 burpees
Holy shit this was draining in 38 degree heat
4 rounds long rests not gased but just energy zapped because of heat.

Row 500m @85%
rest 2 min
Best I’ve felt on the rower in a long time shortened my stroke a little and pulled a little harder with the arms.
Airdyne 90 seconds @85%
airdyne 2 min @50%
Tried to keep my hard efforts around 350 watts to start then died during last 15-25 seconds
Sets 3-6 tried to hover around 300 watts

A. Power snatch clusters×5; rest 20 seconds/rest 3 min
Prob should have gone 75kg

B. Deadlift; 15 unbroken 185# x4; rest 2 min
Pretty easy all within 30 seconds
C. Split jerk; 7 singles @75% 1rm; rest 1 min
Hit 92kg no misses. Jerk feel a little more comfortable. Trying to get my front leg a little further forward
Power snatch 95#
box jumps 24″
Hands and shoulders were very sore.
Hands were on fire from first set and felt hard to grip the bar.
T: 6:04
Legs also smoked so did step down box jumps from start

Happy with the week!

A. 25HSPU for Time x 3 rest 3:30
Prob went too big first set on each block.

B. AMRAP set of 5 unbroken CTB in 3 mins x 3 rest 2 Mins
Went set every 30 seconds until the last 2 sets where I started to tear. Felt ok. More volume than I expected to do.

C. 7 Min AMRAP Clean and Jerk at 75kg
With 5 burpees top of each minute.
Started with 6 then went quickly onto 2-3’s
Was finishing burpees at the 25sec mark. But was getting to gased quickly

Good session arms were toast

New Year Update

A. Squat Snatch 20 Singles @70%
Did these at 62kg first time I’ve snatched in about 8 days was a bit dusty to begin with missed one or 2 early just not warm enough.

B. Back Squat 3 x3 rest 2 Mins
Same as above went straight to 130kg and was slow. Stayed at same weight but by 3rd set I was warm and felt ok. Prob should have done another few sets

C. 50-40-30-20-10
Box jump 20″ step down
T= 18:06
Was pretty happy with this. Middle of summer at 3:30pm no aircon inside the box was about 38 degrees