A lot to update – from the 17/10/2013

A. Power clean clusters 1.1.1×3; rest 15 seconds/rest 3 min
B. Hang squat clean thruster; build to a max
C. OHS; build to a 15RM
A. These felt heavy built to 110kg. 115kg felt heavy today. Prob rushed my warmup a bit and tried to jump in too big bites.
B. My fingers kept slipping off the bar in my catch so I was pressing with 3 fingers on each hand. Managed to get to still get 95kg Never built to a squat clean thruster.
C. Only took two sets. Hit 50kg then jumped to 65kg it was my shoulders that were fatiguing first before the legs. 
10 min amrap:
10 unbroken thrusters 95#
30 unbroken double unders
Really Enjoyed this WOD. Legs were heavy from the AM session.  Never stuffed up and Double Unders. Tried to get the Thrusters done as quick as possible in the later rounds.
Score = 240 Reps or 6 Rounds neat.
A. Split jerk clusters×3; rest 15 seconds/rest 2 min
Find these really hard as we dont have jerk blocks especially when it gets heavy. We use a rack so each rep comes crashing down on the shoulders. built to 90across for my sets.
B1. Push press; 5×5; rest 90 seconds
A bit of sting was taken out of the shoulders from the above wanted to keep it tidy. Got 70kg across.
B2. Supinated chin ups; 2-3×5; rest 90 seconds
24kg for weighted chins for bloody heavy. Haven’t done these for a while. 
and was slow to the top. 
7 rounds for time:
Run 200m
10 CTB chin ups
7 hspu
Few Metcons in a row I really liked.  CTB feel a little better. Got first couple sets UB. All HSPU were unbroken x 7 sets which is a first. Could improve on some running. Shoulders were tired but didn’t really seem to worry the HSPU too much.
T: 18:14
A1. TnG deadlift; 20 unbroken 185# x5; rest 1 min
A2. Box jumps 20 for time 24″ x5; rest 3 min
10 TnG power snatch 75#
Airdyne sprint 30 seconds @90-95%
rest 4 min
x5 sets
Never got to do this session had a corporate orienteering session planned which involved in running to checkpoints around our city. All up we were on the road for 1 hour exactly prob covered about 8km with time lost due to stopages at checkpoints.
A. Split jerk; build to a max
Built to 115kg. Need to get more aggressive with my dip/drive.
B1. Push jerk; 2-3×6; rest 90 seconds
Did 80kg. Like I mentioned earlier in post the hardest part is getting these back to the shoulder. I went conservative because M/U was my focus.
B2. 5 muscle ups for time x6; rest 3 min
felt good. Not 5’s UB did 3’s for first 3 sets then 2’s & 1’s
A. Power clean; 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1; rest 2 min
Moved to a triple a 110kg, 2’s were at 112.5 and 115kg for singles
B. Back squat; 15, 3, 15, 3, 15, 3; rest 3 min
Holy shit this left me sore for days. prob could have gone heavier on my 15’s. Needed assistance on the toilet seat. I was that sore.
C. Sled pull throughs; 12-15×4; rest 2 min – Rang out of time to get this done
7 min amrap:
7 power clean 185#
7 strict chin ups
7 back squat
7 ring dips
Total Reps – 65 (2 Rounds +5 Power Cleans)
rest 3 min
7 min amrap:
7 power clean and jerk 115#
7 CTB chin ups
7 thrusters 115#
7 burps
Well if I thought the first one was tough this took the cake. These are the moneyball CrossFit movements. Was feeling a little drained by this second AMRAP.
2 Rounds exactly (56 reps)
Found this one tough. Was extremely sore at the commencement of this one my battery at 85kg wasn’t too bad considering the other movements thrown in.
A. Power snatch clusters 1.1.1×3; rest 15 seconds/rest 3 min
B. Hang squat clean x3/Front squat x5; rest 2 min x5 complexes
(increase weight each set, only last maximal effort)
C. Barbell reverse lunges from platform (2-3″ elevation); 24
continuous alt’ing steps x3; rest 2 min
I have been really trying to not procrastinate with my session. I send far too long using light weights and taping hands etc so by the time I finish 2 hours have passed. The session this design and I been pleased with the duration I have been spending training. Get in and get it done. 
New PR Snatch Cluster hit 80kg really happy would be interested to test 1. Ill find that out in the teams comp. With my HSC I started at 65/70/75/80/85kg with no misses. Its not the clean or the squats that are hard its the lowering of the weights.
Used 40 kg for the lunges and this felt awkward off 2 x plates stacked. more stability on the knees going backwards than forwards. Legs and lungs were blowing heavy by the end.
For time:
30 thrusters 45#
30 box jumps 20″
20 thrusters 95#
20 box jumps 24″
10 thrusters 135#
10 box jumps 30″
10 power snatch 135#
10 box jumps 30″
20 power snatch 95#
20 box jumps 24″
30 power snatch 95#
30 box jumps
Due to work commitments I shifted the PM session to AM the next day. Started out ok did 30’s UB, then chipped away for the rest. I thought the heavy thrusters and snatches might have broke me but they werent too bad. Managed to do my last 30 BJ unbroken.
A. Split jerk clusters×4; rest 15 seconds/rest 2 min
Got to 100kg this week although lowering onto the shoulders is hard without jerk blocks.
B1. Push press; 5×3; rest 90 seconds
80kg across for all sets. 
B2. Supinated chin ups; 1-2×5; rest 90 seconds
Wow what a week makes. I did 34.5kg for a double and prob could have hit a triple for all sets.
CTB chin up
Liked this because once you get over halfway you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
T: 8:14

I am happy with this weeks training. I feel I can keep moving through a WOD a little quicker. I have started back on a protein supp (progenex more muscle) as we now stock it. looking forward to the week ahead. Its my Wifes 40th so having a few days over on a island with no CF gym nor equipment. 

Last days of Design

Mixed results

15th Oct
10 Min AMRAP
5 PP @ 52.5
10 DL @ 52.5
15 Box Jumps

Total Reps = 228
7 Reps below my open score. Felt pretty good. Prob did my first round in .52. I jumped all my reps on BJ. Thought I might of done a little better as Im feeling good. Prob went a little too quick at the start

14th Oct

A. Build to a Max Squat Snatch.
Built to 80kg with no misses. Because I hit 85kg last week decided to go straight to 87.5kg missed on several attempts. I was very close and because this weight doesn’t scare me I kept training and kept coming within a whisker.

I posted a few months back and wrote the during Snatch Pulls 80kg was super heavy and I wondered how I was every going to do that.

B. Build to a max Front Squat
Built to 140kg ok. Wasn’t feeling it so I cut it away.

C. 20 Squat Snatch for time @ 70% of A
Used 60kg in which I have done before.

Last time I did this at the same weight I did 4:53

Today I did T: 3:30

D: 10 Min AMRAP 5 UB CTB
Thought I could hold 5 every 30 sec but that soon went out the front door. Got a total 60 reps = 12sets x 5

Really happy with the month. I felt I made some in roads with my Oly and HS pushups. For a long time Nothing much has in regards to numbers but in the last week and a half I have hit PR’s in Clean, Jerk, Clean & Jerk & Squat Snatch. I have a total now of 205kg and a 210kg for Clean & Snatch.

Design W/E 12/10

Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
airdyne 30 seconds @50%
Ave 202 Watts 
Row 30 seconds @85%
row 30 seconds @85%
Run 30 seconds @90%
walk 30 seconds
Covered more distance this week from the previous week. The row hurt the most out of everything.
 6 Rounds
400m Run with 25kg Snadbag
12 Push Press @ 52.5kg
12 Box Jump @ 24″
12 SDLHP @ 52.5kg
T: 36:24
Was able to move ok on all movements the SB run hurt alot after round 2. Very slow. By round 6 was still able to do all other movements UB without a rest. Reuns were about 3+ mins
A. Back squat with chains; 5×1; rest 3 min
Built to 150kg (knee has been giving me a bit of grief so didn’t want to push it.
B. Squat snatch; 30 reps for time 50kg
Did the first 10 UB prob tried to go a little too fast and too big of a set + from the BS took some sting out of the legs. Filled with lactic acid and was blowing pretty hard until the finish.
T= 4:14
For time:
30 muscle ups
30 back squat 120kg
Tore my wrists at 20 M/U still healing from late last week, so cut those away at 7:47 at this point they were done in singles. Back squats @ 120kg were completed by 13:12 actually did bigger sets from 15-30
A. Clean pulls 5×5; rest 2 min
Built clean Pull up to 130kg bulk of sets were at 125kg
For time:
75 power snatch 75#
Run 1k
Did 20 off the bat then 15 then grinded out the remaining. Muscle snatched for the first 15. In the open I finished burpees and only did 6-ers until my 30.  Completed the “Randy” portion of this in 7:34. Heavy legs on the run in which was completed in a
total time of 13:12
A. Squat clean and jerk; build to a max
120kg New PR

B1. Front squat; 2-3×5; rest 90 seconds
Cut these away due to knee soreness.
B2. Muscle ups; 7 for time x5; rest 90 seconds
Not sure why these felt so hard today. Wrists kept slipping on rings. Took about 3:00 per set. Was feeling good last week with these but this week struggled with doubles.
B3. 20 KBS 2 pood for time x5; rest 90 seconds
UB for 5 sets
B4. 15 burpees AFAP x5; rest 4 min
First couple of sets were OK.
This was bloody tough.
C. Side planks; amsap x3/side; rest as needed bw sides
Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
airdyne 30 seconds @50%
202ave Watts Same as below prob my rest 30 sec should be higher im sitting on about 120 Watts.
Row 30 seconds @85%
row 30 seconds @85%
This like the last few weeks was the hardest. Prob going a little too hard and my rest is slightly lower than 50%.
Ave 141m x 14 sets
Run 30 seconds @90%
walk 30 seconds
My runs feeling alot better. Total meters – 2350
Actually Had Sat off due to early start didnt want to do WOD
“Fight Gone Bad” – Class Design
303 Reps
Felt Ok with this first time over 300. Started strong with 85 Reps on 1st 3 movements.
My round scores were


Great Week

A. Squat clean x1/Front squat x1/Split jerk x3; rest 2 min x5 complexes
100kg – Been having a little knee pain. It’s Patella Tendonosis and inflamation of my Fat pad. Cleans are all good Split Jerks are good 
B1. Front squat; 6-8×5; rest 90 seconds
90kg Across
B2. Muscle ups; 5 for time x5; rest 90 seconds
Was getting first 3 UB then doubles for first 3 sets then singles after that.
B3. Deadlift 10 for time 315# x5; rest 90 seconds
.19 (UB)
.36 7/3
.37 6/4 
.36 6/4
.33 7/3
Got heavy towards the end.
B4. Push press; 8-10×5; rest 4 min
Sets 1,3,5 were UB with no rest all at 62.5kg Never racked sets 2 & 4 but had little breather on shoulders
C. strict knees to elbow; amrap unbroken x5; rest as needed bw attempts
These were hard really isolated abs instead of lats
Long session all in all part B took me 50mins with rest
Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
airdyne 30 seconds @50%
148 Cals with an average of 202Watts
Row 30 seconds @85%
row 30 seconds @85%
1349m at an average of 1:48.2
Run 30 seconds @90%
walk 30 seconds
Was good to get some Mono in no thinking needed good to repair the hands. Tore pretty bad from yesterdays M/U
Clean & Jerk @ 62.5
Open WOD
Only got to 62 reps compared to 70 in the open. Had to work all morning so didnt get to do this with anyone in the gym, no push. Was slow wasn’t blowing too hard gamed in too much. Lately I have been too passive when thinking about strategies on WODs I broke up my 6 C&J for gods sake.
A. Back squat with chains; 5×3; rest 3 min
Built to 140kg with a little bit of knee discomfort.
B. Squat snatch; Build to a moderate effort TnG triple
New PR for a triple at 70kg
For time:
30 thrusters 95#
30 CTB chin ups
20 squat snatch 135#
20 CTB chin ups
10 squat clean 185#
10 CTB chin ups
This one hurt. Holy shit. Broke my thrusters into 3 x 10 once again being too conservative. CTB sets were all done in 5 & 6’s but never struggled too much. It seems that when i have a plan i stick to it well and dont allow myself to deviate from it. Could have gone bigger sets.
Snatch under fatigued killed me. Some with slight press out some missed. Took me just under 9 mins for 20 cleans were no problem 7/3 not TnG but dump and go again.
A. Deficit deadlift with chains; 3×3; rest 2 min (2-3″ platform)
Built to 130kg being conservative as I have never don these before and was off a 20 + 10kg plate stacked
Deadlift 315#
T: 7:30
Super happy with this prob my best WOD in weeks. Went 10/5 Deads first set the 15 UB HSPU 8/4 followed by the same in HSPU 6/3 and again the same
Never done 15 UB followed by 8 my kip has improved alot. Could i get 21 UB maybe?
So DL weight on this was almost 500kg more with 9 less HSPU but shaved 1:20 from my diane time. Is this comparing apples with apples?
rest 15+ min
For time:
Row 1k
15 power clean and jerk 135#
15 burpee box jumps 30″
In my head i had a breakdown as follows
4:00 minute row
2:30 for cleans
1:30 Burpees
What actually happened was
3:52 Row
2:53 Cleans (mainly singles tried to limit my rest and just keep moving)
2:14 for burpees
I was happy because of what I had done prior
A. Squat snatch; build to a max
BooYa New PR by 5kg hit 85kg
I have been stuck on 80kg for months and only ever hit it once. Today was easy. I attempted 87.5kg 3 times pull was good but just missed it out in front.
B. Squat clean and jerk; build to a max
Current Jerk – 115Kg
Current Clean 120kg
Current C&J 112.5kg
New PR 115kg Clean was comfortable although was a little fatigued due to snatches jerk I felt I was dropping under the bar. Trying to push rather than drop.
C1. Front squat; 4-6×5; rest 90 seconds
Knee was sore so I cut away from squats
C2. Muscle ups; 6 for time x5; rest 90 seconds
C3. 10 power clean for time 85kg x5; rest 90 seconds
As Soon as I went to these my first clean i cramped in my calf. Attempted my second rep and went again. Never had cramps before especially during an exercise
C4.20 ring dips for time x5; rest 4 min
All in all I had to cut away FS and cleans so I still did my ring dips after muscle up but not timed I got to
D. 60 GHD sit ups NOT for time
Completed in 4 sets