New Design – 23/09/13

A. Back squat with chains; 5×5; rest 3 min
Had no chains so I lightened my squats a little and focused on speed out of the whole. 125kg across for all 5 Sets
B. Squat snatch; 3 reps on the min for 12 min @60% 1rm
At first light this looked easy on paper because it seemed so light but ended up quite gassy. Never looked like missing one though.
3 rounds for time:
5 squat clean 90kg
2 rope climbs
T: 6:26
rest 10 min
5 rounds for time:
7 squat clean 50kg
3 muscle ups
rest 10 min
Yay no misses on my M/U but time wasn’t flash due to rest taken on M/U’s
10 rounds for time
10 thrusters 45#
5 CTB chin ups
Tried to stay on EMOM for as long as possible with the first few slightly quicker knowing that I would slow down.
A. Power snatch clusters 2.2.2×3; rest 20 seconds/rest 3 min
Built to 70kg and held across for all sets first few timing was out a bit. In warmup i have been doing alot more muscle snatch to help with turnover speed and i think its helping with my power snatch
B. TnG deadlift; 7 reps on the min for 7 min 225#
Completed – I can say this was easy first and prob only time but wait…….
C. HSPU; amrap sets of 5 unbroken in 5 min
Completed 8 Sets of 5 UB
For time:
Run 800m
50 KBS 2 pood
50 burpees
50 power snatch 75#
Run 800m
Well I said Deads wereeasy but….. This this awful. Lack zip here. Runs were 4&4+
KBS – 13/13/7//7/10
Burpees – Slow as Shit but i adhere to a strict pushup as a gym standard other than opens
Snatches – I hate 75# due to the smaller bar used with bumper plates it tears the shit out of my hands
Felt Good up until the Metcon then died a long slow death.
T= 26:16


Weekly Review as at 9/9

5 sets:
10 TnG power snatch 75#
Airdyne sprint 30 seconds
rest 4 min
Completed – The first set burnt my legs on AD hadnt been on this thing for a while. Was getting through my snatches at about the .35sec mark AD Cals were as follows
10 TnG deadlift 100kg
Sprint 20 seconds @95%
rest 4 min
x5 sets
All sets completed deads were easy. Was covering on 100m each run



A. Squat snatch; 1 rep on the 30 seconds for 30 reps @70% 1rm
Did this at 56kg no misses. Towards the end was getting tough and had to concentrate. 
B. Hang squat clean; 30 for tiem 70kg
3:14 – Was happy with this result. Grip not an issue but more lungs. Did my first 11 UB in .28 seconds. At one stage thought low 2’s
5 sets @100%
15 KBS 2 pood
print 200m
rest 4 min
First one went way too quick for pacing. Swings were faster than all other sets
Row 500m @85%
rest 2 min
Ave 1:44.7 – This was quicker than the last time I did 500m repeats by about 1.5 sec each one.
Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
airydne 30 seconds @50%
Started strong on my 85% efforts of about 325Watts -350Watts My 50% was about 125 Watts. At the 10 Min mark I was at about 130 Cals. My 85% dropped on the back half to about 275Watts but I was more comfortable at around 140Watts for my 50%.
Total Cals 249 –
Missread the design on this one thought it was only 4 x 500m rows at a glance. I thought sweet easy day at the office. When i wrote it up I was like shit I have 20mins of AD as well. Ouch
“Adam Brown”
We set our Class a 40min cutoff
Had all but 5 Box Jumps and 24 Squat Cleans at 40mins
Our Top guy in the open finished at about the 38:00 minute mark. The other guy in the team beat me by 5 box jumps.
A. Squat snatch x1/Hang squat snatch x2/OHS x3; rest 2:30 x6 complexes
Did all sets at 60kg no misses. Focus was not to touch the bar against my body on my pull. Success
B. Power clean clusters 1.1.1×5; rest 15 seconds/rest 2 min
Built to 100kg no misses first 2 reps on every set was a relative high catch 3rd was middle.
deadlift 335#
HSPU got me today. I feel alot better fresh able to do 12 UB comfortable then its slow from here.
Deads werent an issue all UB
Total Time: 13:15
Little bit of tenderness in right shoulder. Same one as was funky in NZ. Ill see how I go today.



The Week that Was W/E 2/09

A. Squat snatch; build to a tough single
Early on I was feeling slow as was feeling a little tired from the trip. The body felt good with no soreness. Hit 77.5kg a few time which is just 2.5kg from my PR. I jumped to 82kg was pulling high enough but was slightly out front. Missed 2 attempts at this. I will celebrate in style when I get this 82kg+
B1. Back squat; 8-10×4; rest 1 min
B2. Weighted chin up; 2-3×4; rest 1 min
Holy shit this was the hardest squats i feel ive done load was miles off the mark for my 10’s. Felt super slow. Only managed 4 x 10 @ 102kg weighted Chins were all done at 24kg. Felt like I had done a massive leg session.
C1. Clean pulls; 5×5; rest 2 min @ 102kg
C2. Amrap hspu in 2 min x5; rest 2 min
Used the same weight for my squats for the Cleans Pulls felt ok.
Was pleased with my HSPU. I got 74 in the time
Run 20 min z1
3.45km was in the middle of the day at about 105 degrees
Airdyne sprint 45 seconds
rest 5 min
(rest 10 min bw sets 4/5)
Aim was to sit around 425/450 Watts Scores in Cals
Longer Rest
4 rounds for reps of:
1 min push jerk 50/35
1 min KTE
1 min jump lunge
1 min push up
2 min rest
We actually changed the Jump lunges to a SDLHP @ 50kg
My Total score was 240 reps. Not too bad. One of the guys I did this with beat me by 12 reps. He was averaging 25’s on KTE and I was averaging 12’s. I had him on everything else. I think i try too much to use lats as a lever?
A. Back squat; build to a 20 rep max (2 attempts)
110kg x 20 felt I could have gone a little heavier if I did it fresh again. Once i did the 110kg my legs were cooked. 
7 rounds for time of:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats
rest 3 mins
This session felt relatively easy. I kept a consistent pace and never slowed. If i tried to go faster I would lose rhythm 
The time blow out was rhythm trying to go too fast on my butterfly.
In summary I found the first session back really tough. I struggled to walk for 3 days after my 4 x 10 BS. Really pleased with my HSPU and I know im just round the corner of new PR’s in C&J & Snatch. I need to include more TTB and KTE in warmups and skill prior to lesson plans. It doesnt seem like grip strength but now more lat endurance and lower Ab strength.
NZ was an awesome experience. It was actually more professionally run than at the CF Games in 2010. I thought the WODs were great and encompassing of alot of general mixed modal movements. I had no expectation in going into the comp except not to finish last and I achieved this goal. Below are the top guys with some info where they did within the region.
Rob Fforte 1st at Regionals
Aaron James 6th at Open
Matt Swift 8th World Games 40-44age
Mahdi Te Heu Heu 7th at Regionals
Jan Zabawski 212 Opens
Matiu Brown 127 Opens
Darren Ellis 67 Opens
Jaryd Warren Regionals Team
Me 1164 in region @ open 
In all I was happy with this result and feel better for the competition. Apart from the top 5-7 didn’t get beat by that much.