USA Update


Arrived into L.A on Saturday the 20th after a 14hour flight, dozed on the plane but nothing substantial. From here flew straight into Las Vegas. Ended up having quite a few beers first night. Got 6 hours sleep but still felt super drained. prob not the smartest thing to do.

21 Jul

22 July
Went and visited CF Maxeffort in Las Vegas no drinks since the first night but haven’t been sleeping well.


Buy In 1000m Row
3 Rounds for Time
20 DB Snatches R/Arm @ 55lbs
20 Air Squats
20 DB Snatches L/Arm @ 55lbs
50 Double Unders

Time: 21:26 Incl row

Felt very hot. Different heat to what I’m used to very dry and draining, also prob a little dehydrated. Pumped plenty of water back into me.

23 July
Flew from Vegas to L.A for first day of the games well masters anyway. The Alarm went off at 3:00 for the airport transfer to pick us up. So sleep wasn’t the best this night either.


24 July
Great night sleep 8 hours unbroken. Up a 6:00am for AM WOD
Went to a park with a running track and did
6 Rounds
400m Run
25 Strict Pushup Burpees

Time: 31:07

5 Hang Power Snatch off blocks (mid-high hang) spent about 20-30 mins
ended up doing about 7 working sets focusing on speed and turnover. Held
125lbs across for all sets. Kills my thumbs when dumping on boxes.

I have tried to be super conscious on good nutrition for breakfast and dinner and has been mainly big option buffets with lots of meats and veg. Had a little pasta,  pretty much minimal to no sugar and diary.

Will post in the next couple of days.

Week in Review 20/07

20 seconds max reps power clean and jerk 115#
20 seconds max reps burpees
20 seconds max calories airdyne
rest 6 min
Felt pretty good on this set. Alot harder than last week with the AD instead of rower.
A1. Press; 6, 4, 2, 6, 4, 2; rest 2 min
A2. Muscle ups; 5 for time x6; rest 2 min
50kg – .23 4UB + 1
55kg – .38 3UB + 2UB
57.5kg – .57 2+2+1
55kg – 1:15 3 failed reps on last one
60kg – .52 3UB + 1+1
65kg – .38 3 UB 2 UB
Got video of this. Will upload when i can.
B. Weighted supinated chin up clusters×5; rest 20 seconds/rest 3 min
12kg Across for all sets.
C. Bent over single arm DB rows 4-5×4; rest 1 min bw arms
Used a 32kg KB
A. OHS; 8-10×3; rest 2 min
65kg x 8
65kg x 8
70kg x 8 (new PR)
B. Front squat; 5×3; rest 3 min
110kg across for all sets
C. Snatch pulls; 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1; rest 3 min
Feels really heavy. When I was doing this I was thinking there is no way i could snatch that. But I have.
Row 20 seconds @80%
Row 20 sconds @90%
Row 20 seconds @100%
rest 3 min actively
Week 1         Week 2         Week 3
314m            317m              318m
312m            320m              319m
308m            312m              317m
306m            310m              319m
305m            307m              315m
306m            307m              315m
                     308m              318m
Was hurting for a few hours after this legs & arms all over.
A. Hang squat clean clusters×3; rest 20 seconds/rest 3 min
90kg for all reps

prob could have gone a little heavier.
B. 50 hspu for time
Completed my 25 in a little over three minutes then it was slow from here on in with sets of 4
total time 9:07
C. 100 barbell walking lunges for time 115#
New PR
20 min amrap:
3 strict chin ups
3 toes to bar
100m farmers walk 100#/hand
Run 30 min z1
A. Hang squat snatch from below the knee; build to a 5rm without
dropping the bar
B. OHS; 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; rest 3 min
Thrusters 95#
Box jumps 20″

Good Week.

Row 20 seconds @80%
Row 20 sconds @90%
Row 20 seconds @100%
rest 3 min actively
Felt better at this on this one with addition round added in. See below comparisons from previous week.
This Week              Last Week
317m                      314m
320m                      312m
312m                      308m
310m                      306m
307m                      305m
307m                      306m
Was wrecked at the end of this. 
A. Squat clean x1/Front squat x3; build to a max of the complex
Built to 110kg Got too greedy and tried 120kg but missed the clean twice. When heavy from the ground my first and second pull change and I bump off my thighs causing bar to drift out front resulting in missed lifts.
B. Amrap unbroken push press 75#
Only got to 35 reps disappointed I was aiming at 40+
30 squat clean for time 155#
T= 5:45 Aim was to show a little more intensity my C&J time at 75kg the other day was about 12mins so was happier with this. Even still have more to go faster.
Deadlift 315#
GHD sit ups
rest 10 min
Time: 4:06
Back felt fine on this one no dramas at all.
200m farmers walk 2 pood
20 wall walks
200m farmers walk 2 pood
Time: 12:47
Did first carry in about 2:15 and last in about 2:45 so wall walks were about 7 mins,
rest 10 min
5 rounds for time:
50m prowler push moderate load
2 rope climbs
T: 9:47
Haven’t done Rope climbs in months so really enjoyed today Prowler push was a grind.
Run 25 min z1
A. Squat snatch; build to a tough single
Built to 72kg With no fails
B. 1 squat snatch on the 45 seconds for 12 reps @75% of A
Used 54.5kg for this with no misses
10 rounds for time:
8 thrusters 75#
6 chin ups
4 box jumps 30″
Damn it. Thought I could try and stick with OMEM but box jumps got me couldn’t even go three. Did all thrusters and P/U UB.


Weekly Catch up

Run 20 min z1
Done felt ok. Steady constant speed. Had a case of diarrhoea and stomach pain due to a virus that is going round lasted 2 days and by Monday I was sweet. Didnt get hardly any sleep.
A. Snatch balance; 3×3; rest 2 min
New Pr 70 x 3 Will post video shortly.
B. Squat snatch clusters×5; rest 15 seconds/rest 3 min (80%
1rm for all)
Missed my first few a 40kg in warmup and new it wasnt going to be good. Prob coupled with no sleep brain didnt want to work. Tried a couple of snatches but cut it away.
Didnt want to bail on this next piece so I persevered through some stomach pains.
10 min amrap:
10 thrusters 75#
10 box jumps 20″
10 thrusters 95#
10 box jumps
10 thrusters 115#
10 box jumps
amrap in remaining time:
10 thrusters 135#
10 box jumps
*all jump up step down
Got through to a second round of Thrusters @ 60kg
Total Rep = 78 (don’t take this as an indication of current state as I was feeling crap)
20 seconds max reps power clean and jerk 115#
20 seconds max reps burpees
20 seconds max calories airdyne
rest 6 min
I enjoyed this session rounds were as follows
7PC & J/8B/50m Rower (sub AD as still was broken. Crank fixed now all good)
8PC & J/9B/48m
9PC & J/8B/45m
7PC & J/8B/52m
8PC & J/9B 50m
I found that the faster I tried to go the more my mechanics went out the window with my PC & J. Didnt get much time on the rower due to having to clip in and get screen started.
A1. Press; 10, 8, 6, 4, 2; rest 2 min
A2. Muscle ups; 5 for time x5; rest 2 min
M/U Felt the best they have for months. Didnt try too big sets 2’s x 1 then 3 singles 
first three sets all under a minute then next 2 were slightly over
45kg – .53
47.5kg – .45
50kg – .55
55kg – 1:02
60kg – 1:05
Tried for a much bigger global extension. After analysing my vid the ones I missed I didnt really kip top much and still cant strict M/U so i figure i need that power through hips for elevation.
B. Weighted supinated chin up clusters 3.3.3×5; rest 30 seconds/rest 3 min
Far out could only manage 8kg mind you it was 45 reps.
C. Bent over single arm DB rows 5-6×4; rest 1 min bw arms
20 kg across
A. OHS; 10-12×4; rest 2 min
55kg x 10
60kg x 11
65kg x 9 Failed on my last one
60kg  x 10
B. Front squat; 5×5; rest 3 min
tried first set a 110kg holy shit it felt heavy and slow thought I was going to fail my first set at rep 4. Dropped the weight back to 100’s across fro remaining 4 sets.
C. Snatch pulls; 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1; rest 3 min



Long Day at the office

For cumulative work time:
Run 800m – 3:20
rest 60 seconds
200m farmers walk 100#/hand – 3:33
rest 60 seconds
Run 800m – 4:26
50 toes to bar – 8:08
rest 60 seconds
Run 800m – 4:43
rest 60 seconds
50 strict chin ups – 10:54

Legs were very heavy from yesterdays WOD and felt like lead on the first run.
Broke 4 times on my FC awkward size. Remaining runs was like a turtle like i was on a treadmill. TTB done as 10/6/6/6/4/4/4/5/5. Strict Pullups done in similar fashion. Good hard slog.
All breakdown splits are in red.

Hang Squat Clean PR 115kg

Row 20 seconds @80%
Row 20 sconds @90%
Row 20 seconds @100%
rest 3 min actively
I enjoyed this it was something different that I have done of late.
For my 80% I tried sitting on 1:40-1:42’s
90% was 1:36 – 1:38’s
100% was too just increase stroke rate and hang on. For the first few I was getting down into the high 1:20’s
Stats as follows
Ave 1:37.2
1st 314m @ 1:35.5
2nd 312m @ 1:36.1
3rd 308m @ 1:37.4
4th 306m @ 1:38.0
5th 305m @ 1:38.3
6th 306m @ 1:38.0
A. Hang squat clean; build to a tough single. New PR by 10kg
Miss @ 120kg was feeling good so had a crack at it. Pull was away from my body. Front Squat isnt the issue. It would be a matter of getting under it.
B. Push press; 50 reps for time 60kg
Did my first 17 UB prob too many because then sets were small
5 – 23
5 – 28
6 – 34
6 – 40
5 -45
5 -50
For time:
50 squat clean 95#
100 wall balls
T= 16:04
Did 8 sets 15/10 x 4 of Wallballs and took about 8 mins. Really happy with today. Was dusted at the end but about an hour after felt pretty good. Recovering alot quicker.

The Week that Was

A. Squat snatch; Build to a max
Back a little tender with Snatches rather than Cleans. Got to 70kg Having some setup issues I think due to tight hips and back.
B. 30 squat clean and jerk for time 165#
Will Post Vid shortly
A. Snatch pulls; 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1; rest 3 min
B. Snatch balance; 2 on the min for 6 min @70% 1rm
70% = 56kg Felt pretty good with the last one one my toes
10 rounds for time:
10 toes to abr
30 double unders
Sets 3-9 Double unders all done UB tore hands set 4 of TTB. A big factor of these isnt now grip it seems abs & hammy flexibility. I cannot touch my toes so as I fatigue I really need to use abs.
A few weeks ago I did 100WB 100TTB 100WB my abs were in agony for a week. This time I had a little bit of residual soreness but Monday I was sweet.
Airdyne 3 min for max calories
* explain to me how you warm up for this
The way I have been warming up for these is 5min easy spin
walk 100m quad stretch and leg swings
1 Min @ 70% – walk 10 squats
1 Min @ 85% – walk – Quad Stretch
10 Hard revs 10 easy revs x 3
2 Min easy spin – walk get heart rate down and go.
30 muscle ups for time
Could have showed more urgency missed a couple of reps 3rd (actually) after about 15 I wanted it. Happy with this considering last week it got about 7 reps over 4 sets. Looking at the vid I probably could have a bigger kip which would help with higher elevation.
A. Back squat; build to a max 180kg PR
B. Deadlift; build to a tough single (not a 1rm unless you are feeling
GREAT, and 3 heavy sets maximum)
Cut this away due to back problems really wanted to focus on the MetCon
Deadlift 225#
T= 8:57
New PR by about 1:25
OFF and go from here