Long Time no hear.

Had a fundraiser at the box to help raise money for a local charity which involved teams of 4 rowing 10mins each for Meters/cals every hour over a 24hr period. It started at 6pm friday night and went through until 6pm Saturday night.
The culmination of sleep dep + fatigued played with peoples minds. I didnt row as I had to take class at 5:30am however decided to do my first 6 efforts every hour on the AD. I covered a little over 30km the following morning if filled in for 2 rows so did another 5100m.
All in all we had over 120 people take part in the challenge and raised over $30,000. I was pretty wrecked by Sat night and didn’t get to complete Sat sesh.
Airdyne 3 min for max calories
rest actively 15 min
Legs had nothing on these 2 efforts.
59 Cals first effort & 61 Cals 2nd effort. Maybe did too much over Fri/Sat night?
15 min amrap:
Run 400m
Amrap unbroken muscle ups
Amrap unbroken hspu
Runs felt good. Got a total of 4 rounds out.
HSPU 5 – 7 – 10 – 7 Came off wall due to balance not shoulders
M/U (frustration) 1 -1 – 3 -3 Slowed my decent which enabled me to keep my grip.
A. 1 1/4 back squat 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1; rest 3 min
Feeling stronger here out of the hole.
130 – 142.5 – 150 – 135 – 145 – 155kg
B. 100 barbell walking lunges for time 115#
This was bloody hard after squats
T= 9:19 did 25 UB then broke into sets of 12’s & 10’s
This left me bloody sore for days. My arse cheeks were tight as a motherF&%ker had trouble getting onto the toilet seat.
Airdyne 60 seconds @95%
rest actively 5 min
A. Squat snatch; 2, 2, 1, 1; rest 3 mi
Built to 77.kg which i got and then tried to jump to a new PR 82kg and failed see video.
B. Build to a max squat clean and jerk – Built to 110kg
For time:
Row 1k
50 pistols
30 hang power clean 90kg
Never done any hangs in a workout before with anything close to this.
My CP Battery 8min cleans @ 100kg was only 23 reps
T= 19:19 Got off the rower about 3:45 pistols were steady and took about 6 mins. I did my first 15 HPC in a little over 6 and my last 15 in about 4. As I started to get the “hang” of them and became more efficient.  Dumped every rep so throw in 30 DL as well.
A. L-sit on rings; accumulate 4 min for time
this took forever. I couldn’t get any extension in legs so I did these on the ground with my finger tips on the floor. Still took me 14 sets.
B. Sorensen test (top of back extension for max time) – 50sec
600m farmers walk for time 1.5 pood
each 100m perform 10 hand release burpees
Great WOD – I enjoyed this. I could feel that my grip with FC has improved.
T= 9:41
A. Front squat; 3 reps on the min for 15 min @65% 1rm
This worked out to be 91kg
B. Snatch balance; 3, 3, 3; rest 3 min
65kg 65kg 65kg PR
C. Snatch pulls 3, 3, 2, 2; rest 3 min
Used 90% I have posted 2 vids the first where my feet leave the ground early and the second where I try and stay planted
Row 500m @85%
rest 2 min
(rest 5 min bw sets 4/5)
Missed Session
Airdyne 3 min for max calories
rest actively 12 min
68 Cals – Was blowing hard at the end of this more than legs burning
64 Cals –  Same as above
For time:
Run 800m
50 hspu
Run 800m
25 muscle ups
Run 800m
T= 36:15
Great Wod spent too much time on M/U broke my HS down into sets of 5 and for some reason shoulders were smoked today.
A. Bsack squat 3-4×6; rest 3 min
150kg across for all 6 sets felt solid. Was happy with speed.
Deadlift 295#
Double unders
T=8:04 This smoked me. Was expecting to do better as 134kg is normally relatively easy for multiple reps. First set only got to 8 before dumping. Did all D/U UB at the end i twinged my back and have pull up very stiff on my left side. Glad i’m on rest day today.


Long couple of days

A. 1 1/4 back squat 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; rest 3 min
110 – 120 – 130 – 140 – 150kg
B. 30 squat snatch for time 60kg (3 toes to bar on the top of each minute)
Couldn’t lock out my elbow from my bad wrist has some swelling from M/U’s
Had multiple tears. Started and did 6 TNG and couldn’t continue.
Airdyne 50 seconds @95%
rest actively 4:30
20 Cals
Peddled for about 3:30 after walk over wrote my cals on the whiteboard and got back on for an easy pedal until I was due again.
A. Squat snatch; build to a max
Hit 77kg – 3kg off a PR. Once I hit 77kg I jumped to 82kg (PR Attempt fail x 2)
see video
B. Squat clean and jerk 2 reps on the min for 10 min @70% 1rm
Did this at 77kg and was bloody tough. Especially after snatches took me a while to find a rhythm. There were a couple of mins that I could only hit 1. It started to tai its toll.
For time:
100 wall balls (6:05) legs werent hurting at all but arms were. Prob at 85-90% thought I wanted to save something for TTB
100 toes to bar – Holy shit I need to work on these. Sets of 5 took nearly 17mins my TTB are dreadful and today my stomach is killing me.
100 wall balls – 8:24 long slow grind.
A. Side plank; accumulate 5 perfect minutes per side (each time you
fail on 1 side, rest a minute and go on the other side)
Did majority of sets in blocks of 20-30 sec. Total elapsed time was 15:26
4 rounds for time:
25 back extensions
50 double unders

10:26 – first three rounds tried to break my BE into 13/12 got this first 2. 3rd was 8/7/6/4 and 4th was similar.

Doubles were UB for first 3 sets and last sets was 3 breaks. I could really feel my midline unstable by this stage which was causing me to break.

The Week in Review

Run 30 min z1 continuous pace
Went old school on this and did at my son Karate Dojo. Good way to kill two birds with one stone. Felt pretty good. Started slow then built to a comfortable 12km per hour pace. Finished with 5.24km
For time:
Row 500m
200m farmers walk 2 pood/hand
Didn’t push too hard on the rower with a 1:41 500m then had a 20m walk to my KB’s
Only broke once at about 115m. I know this was half the distance but traps were no where near as toasted and grip felt stronger.
Refer to my post from the 4th of May

400m farmers walk for time 2 pood/hand
5:47 this fried my traps and forearms first 200m broke 3 times @ 100m, 150, & 200m turnaround. On the way home stopped frequently.

rest 5 min

For time:
Fat bar double overhand deadlift 175#
hspu strict
Fucked up with the pounds conversion here. did 155# All deads were UB handstand slowed me down wereby I had to watch the clock.

My Previous best 50 Strict HSPU for time is 13:15 in the testing block of this phase today I did 10:46 with deads and only 5 reps short .
A. Front squat 10-12×3; rest 2 min
85 x 12,  90 x 10, 100 x 10
B. Hang squat snatch from below the knee; 2 reps on the min for 15 min @65% 1rm
Missed my very first rep as I was too lazy under the bar I think I expected it just to get into position. When I really concentrated on a strong lockout and punching under it felt really good. No misses after the very first.
C. Split jerk clusters×3; rest 20 seconds/rest 3 min
85, 90 x 3, 87.5 x 5, 87.5 x 5
Because I missed my second set I completed 2 additional after this.
Run 400m @95%
rest actively 7 min
1:19,1:19, 1:18, 1:18
Prob could have gone a little quicker but didnt know how this would feel onmy repeat efforts.
Airdyne 3 min for max calories
rest actively 20 min
66 & 65
288 & 287 Ave Watts
Went out way too hard on the first set where my legs exploded after about the first 1:15. I was sitting in the 450watts but that dropped to low 200’s at some stages. Second effort was alot more conservative and consistent sitting on around 315.
For time:
15 muscle ups
15 burpees
10 muscle ups
20 burpees
5 muscle ups
25 burpees

Back to the drawing board with M/U. Is it possible for them to disappear? My first set of 15 took me 6:30 Only broke my burpees twice over the 3 sets and was just a quick shake out. M/U were done in all singles.

In warmup been adding in some cuban rotations, banded transitions and banded Bar muscle ups. I need to get non false grip down pat. I lose my false grip on the lowering phase from the dip. Did a few non FG M/U 1 day prior 13.3 but haven’t been able to get one since.

Overall happy with my week. taking the good with the bad. The positive is Im feeling really good. with loads of energy. Sleep was a little on the short side as it was my week of earlies. I start arvo shift this week so sleep will be of abundance.

New Phase

I love the night before a new phase. Im like a kid at christmas. The excitement with what torture I will be enduring for the next 4 weeks. Feeling good at the moment. Spending alot of time on the AD and it feels as though my capacity for added volume is increasing.
Whilst feeling that the edge has been taken off slightly on some PM sessions after AM AD. I feel as though I am handling these better and my recovery is getting quicker.
Airdyne 45 seconds @95%
rest actively 4:15
24 Cals
24 Cals
24 Cals
19 Cals
22 Cals
23 Cals
Active rest with this was to stay on AD for about another minute upon completion of hard effort. Then went over to rings and practised some banded strict M/U transitions.
A. Squat snatch 1, 1, 1; rest 3 min
Hit 65 relative easy went to 70kg and couldn’t get it today. Speed under isnt a problem as I am receiving full squat locked out but the last part of my pull my weight is shifting onto my toes causing bar to drift forward thru transition so when i receive its out in front causing me to lose it forward.
B. Squat clean and jerk 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1; rest 2 min
The squat clean felt pretty comfy. The hardest thing because of my wrist is getting hands in a good position for my jerk. Didn’t split as these were all push jerk.
10 min amrap:
10 thrusters 75# – 35kg
10 CTB chin ups
10 thrusters 95# 42.5kg
10 CTB
10 thrusters 115# 52.5kg
10 CTB
10 thrusters 135# 62.5kg
10 CTB
…etc (thrusters increase by 20#)

Great WOD. Allowed me to rest without having a rest but just by changing plates in between sets. First 2 sets of Thrusters and CTB UB.

81 reps – Got 1 rep out at 72.5kg. With a bit more urgency prob could have got a couple more.

Sleep and diet have been sooooo much better. Trying to refuel immediately after training. Hours after a session I feel i could go again unlike previously where I was hanging for a rest day.

Thursday 30-May
Airdyne 10 min z1
125 Cals – Ave 144 4.85km
Airdyne 5 min @85%
slow spin recover 3 min
366 Cals Ave 161 15.85km
Airdyne 10 min z1
127 Cals – Ave 145 – 4.87km
Tried something different today by switching the bottom setting to show RPM. On my Z1’s tried to keep @ 57-59 rpm on my 85% efforts tried to keep about 65-67 rpm. It helped.
Legs were a bit Jelly at the end of this one. 52Mins of AD
A. Hang squat snatch from below the knee; 2, 2, 2, 2, 2; rest 3 min
Was feeling the effects of the AM session as I only had about a 6 hour break.
Hit 62.5 kg across for all sets with no misses
B. TnG power clean; 2 reps on the min for 12 min @80% 1rm
Used 88kg all sets completed. as I got fatigued I started to bump off thighs.
Thrusters 95#
CTB chin ups
rest 5 min
x4 sets
This smoked me. Couldn’t complete did 2 rounds and was starting to really lose intensity as also was running short of time. Legs just had nothing from this mornings AD
First set was 3:45 2nd was 4:10. Could have battled through but ran short.
I need help on butterfly CTB. just can’t seem to get em.
Friday 31st-May
200m farmers walk 2 pood
rest 4 min
Testing little WOD/Skill piece.
2:13 3 stops
2:15 4 stops
2:32 4 stops
2:24 4 stops
Row 15 min z1 pace
This was super slow. I have hardly spent anytime on here and it showed. Was extremely uncomfortable back started to crap. trap were tight. Horrible
A. 1 1/4 front squat 5, 3, 1, 5, 3, 1; rest 3 min
Shit I’d forgotten how much these suck. One were ok but the 5’s suck the juice pretty quick.
B. Squat snatch; build to a tough single
Hit 70kg quite alright, loaded 75kg and missed 3 attempts. My pull felt ok i was rock bottom upon receive but lost them slightly out in from. I was happy with my speed under the bar.
C1. Power snatch; 1-2 moderate effort reps x5; rest 10 seconds
65-65-65-65-65 slight improvement from a few weeks back 
C2. High box jump clusters 1.1.1×5; rest 10 seconds (step down); rest 3 min
 completed @ 32inch
Sat 31st-May
Run 30 min z1
Sun 1st June
Monday 2nd June
Airdyne 30 min z1
14.52 km
357 Cals
A. Push press; build to a tough triple
New PR triple 90kg x 3
B. Weighted chin ups; 1-2×3; rest 2 min
32kg x 2 – 34.5kg x 2 – 34.5kg x 2
3 rounds for time:
5 muscle ups
10 hSPU
Missed a few M/U attempts getting too greedy. Never missed my first reps. HSPU were ok. Completed 1st round in about 1:45 with an UB 10 HSPU then a few M/U misses 2 and 3rd round.
OFF and Go from here. Phase finished.