Tough day at the office

I have to take the good with the bad.  Yesterday was a high today wasn’t a low but bloody hard.

3 x 800m Run
12 Mins rest B/T sets

(first time is last year)

2:47 – 2:57
2:57 – 3:01
3:01 – 3:13

I feel strong over the first 300m then it’s like I get taken down by a snipper. Its a combination of leg burn and breathing but the later not as much.  Last time it was my bodies inability to deal with the buildup of lactic acid and today was worse.

I was hurting pretty bad after yesterdays 500m Max effort. And today session was about 14 hours between sessions.

Squat Snatch PR

A. Build to a 1rm squat snatch; maximum 5 attempts heavy all on film
72.5kg, 77.5kg New PR, 80kg Newest PR
B. 20 squat snatch for time @ 77% of heaviest weight lifted
4:53 @ 60kg My maths is shit based on A this should have been 61.5kg I actually calculated that weight based on my pre 77.5kg attempt
500m row for time
New PR 1:31.6

Going Long

5 Rounds
1000m Row
15 COVP Pullups
15 Thrusters @ 75lbs
15 Burpee

This was the hardest workout I have done since the 90min AMRAP at the online Big Dawg Comp. I wanted to stop. I set a 45min cutoff and guess what I went over that and had to use my watch. In my head I was thinking low to mid 40’s based on my previous time was 47:12 I got to my last set of burpees at 46:15  did 1 and stopped and my fellow coach said “Do I want it” and I think I replied “No” had a think for about 3 sec and went on to complete my remaining 14 in 30 sec lying in a puddle of sweat.

Was way slower during the front end than at first. Today I was 4min behind my previous time after 3 rounds. However today my final 2 took 18min compared with 22:30 last time. Looking back prob could have gone faster at front end yesterday. Haven’t done much in this energy system. First time I did this came off the back of a half marathon.

Total time 46:50 PR by 22 sec

1 Rm Power Clean & 8 Min AMRAP @ 90%

I was looking forward to this one although I knew I would get nowhere near my original score of 36 reps @ 85kg

1 Rm Power Clean when I first tested was 95kg and today was 110kg which meant I had to do 8mins at 100kg Thats the heaviest I ever used in a WOD. I wasn’t ever that gased I was just heavy.

I went into survival mode. I have be working on not bumping off my thighs at sub max weight and until this point was working but today at these weights i reverted to my old style.

Final Numbers

1 RM PC 110kg missed 112.5kg
8 Min AMRAP @ 90% (100kg) 23 Reps

20th April Swing & Burpee

3 Rounds FT

25 KBS @ 32kg
25 Burpee

Time 11:50

That still sucked although a mild improvement from the first time I did this.

First Round Complete in 2:49 then down hill from there. I should have prob been more diligent on my swings 10, 8, 7 then 10, 9, 6 Maybe tried for 15/10 as wouldnt have effected more burpees too differently. Not that it helped burpees were slow. I thought I would have been able to pace them better after a few attempts of 13.1

Was a bit tired this morning. Had a big day planned with moving house so I was at the gym at 4:45am warming up. I find it hard to lift and get myself raring to go soooo early.

Day 2 Testing More PR’s

Well the run of good luck or consistency of training continued today with PR’s on

Front Squat New PR 140kg
CG Bench New PR 120kg
Power Snatch Equal PR 82.5kg

A. Build to a 1rm front squat (film heaviest couple)
140kg New PR by 2.5kg
B. Build to a 1rm close grip bench press
120kg by 5kg
C. Build to a 1rm power snatch (film heaviest couple)
82.5kg equal
D. 30 muscle ups for time
No PR on This one with a total time of 11:15. Torn my hands pretty bad in 3 places and half way through had to tape. Had 3 misses along the way. I had done my first 10 within first 2 mins. Then hands affected my final time big time.

3 out of 4 Pr’s on First day of Testing

A1. Build to a 1rm strict press (film heaviest 2)
77.5kg (#####NEW PR####)
A2. Build to a 1rm strict pronated weighted chin up (film heaviest 3)
38.5kg was only 2.5 kg short of my max with not much weighted pull-ups. Pretty happy with that result. 
B. Film 1 attempt max reps chin ups
34 PR by 3 reps – As seen in the Video could have prob stayed on the bar a little longer
C. 50 strict hspu for time
NEW PR by over 3 Mins
Time: 13:15
Was inconsistant with hand position went too narrow during the middle set which was costly.