25th & 27th Feb

A. Back squat 3, 3, 3; rest 3 min
130kg, 130kg, 130kg
B. Weighted chin up clusters 2.2.2×3; rest 20 seconds/rest 3 min
24kg  x 3 sets. 
These felt heavy compared to 8-12 weeks ago when I hit my max. Even a single felt slow
15 min amrap:
30 squat snatch 75# Completed
30 squat snatch 100# Completed
30 squat snatch 125# 10 reps
Amrap in remaining time 145#

Total of 69. Felt good wasn’t ever really gased. tried to break sets up in 10’s for 75# 6’s for 100# 3’s for 125# Could have pushed harder. If this was an open workout and re-did on Sun would be confident to get better score.

For the first time 1 hit 3 touch and go Sq Snatch.

A. Squat clean x1/Front squat x5; rest 2 min x5 complexes
Held 90kg across 5 sets relatively comfortable
B. Muscle ups; amrap in 8 min
Got 21 – False grip doesn’t feel a solid moisture on hands kept slipping
7 min amrap:
7 hang squat snatch 75#
7 chin ups

6 Rounds – Had a tear in my hands from Monday’s session due to using a thinner bar for the 75# and again on Wed. Could have gotten 7 hand was killing right in the middle of palm. All set of pullups were UB broke the last two sets of snatches into 4/3

Sleep 7-8 hours on both days.


10RM Power Snatch

A. Power snatch TnG – build to a 10rm
This was a funny little test. Before I started this journey I could always Power Snatch/Clean more than I could squat Snatch/Clean now it is reversed. The other day I hit 10 Sq Snatch @ 50kg so here I was aiming for the same in a power knowing that I couldn’t drop under the bar. In the end It felt ok and prob could have tried 55kg
I was going over some old tests and I did 20 Squat Snatch @ 47.5kg in 2:58 On tues I did 10 @ 50kg in .46sec def improvements I am feeling heaps better on my oly lifting and before getting down on sessions where I feel I fail it good to look back to the start. Oh BTW my max at this stage was 60kg
Yesterday I was only 7sec outside my max row for multiple sets off topic I know.
B. 10 burpees AFAP x5; rest 1 min
0:00 – :21 = 21 sec
1:21 – 1:43 = 22 sec
2:43 – 3:04 = 21 sec
4:04 – 4:25 = 21 sec
5:25 – 5:48 = 23 sec
10 min amrap:
15 power clean 95#
15 push press 95#
15 box jumps 20″
Felt ok here clean were neat and smooth went to 14 then 1+15 PP on 1st set. Ive been carrying an achillies tendonitis for a few week. It only flairs up on D/U and T’N’G box jumps. Normal BJ are ok but can’t add speed. So these were step downs.
Completed 3 rounds.
Had no motivation this morning. It was sat our time and I’m in the gym at 4:30am by myself to train before our 1st class. You could hear a pin drop until I plugged in some tunes. The sun isn’t up that by far has been the hardest thing of the last 12 months. Sleep was great but only had 6 hours.


Rowing Improvements

Row 500m @85%
rest 2 min
Well I couldn’t believe I actually under shot this one. Finished all 4 rows and was hardly blowing. Cruised in the last 30m of each row. Based on previous calcs I thought 1:47-1:49 would be solid. Could have pushed a little harder on these and maybe tried 1:46’s
Airdyne 1 min @85%
Airdyne 1 min easy
Legs felt full of lactic acid by about the 40-45sec mark on each set active recovery was slow. Was trying to maintain high/mid 300’s watts
120 Cals
157 ave
Haven’t been sleeping that well. It’s been bloody hot a night and had broken sleep.

1st Non FG M/U

A. Squat snatch; build to a tough single – not a max
Hit 67.5 Easy – no movement of feet hit the bottom tight shoulders. 65kg was close to max but super untidy with a stumble forward, knees caving. Now on a good day would feel confident of way higher consistency test score at slightly sub max weight.
B. Squat clean and jerk; build to a tough sinlge – not a max
Hit 90kg comfortably. Similar to the other day jerks where a bit wobbly to start
C. Front squat 3, 2, 1; rest 3 min (90% effort on these)
12 min amrap:
2 squat clean 185#
2 muscle ups
Ok – Skipped the next part as I was playing with non false grip M/U for about 30-40mins without success. Then tried to keep myself a little more verticle like a CTB instead of previously trying to pull to my hips – Success. Hit the spot sweet but couldn’t get another after. I think my arms were a little fried.
Feeling quite tired and lethargic today although i rested yesterday after the 90min AMRAP.
Happy to call it a day with achieving a non FG M/U.


Longest CrossFit Style WOD in my life

I looked at this when it was released and thought sweet this doesn’t look that bad. I’ve done a few longs in my day. 100km rides, half marathons, tri’s. This was ridiculously tough in mid 30 degree heat at 12.00pm but throughly rewarding when done and dusted. Did it with a few of our guys as a trainer WOD. This was just energy zappingI actually got faster at my wall walks as I went on. The first round took 16:15 then I lost track from there.

90 Min AMRAP

1300m Row
200m Farmer Carry w/ 2 x 32kg KB’s
15 Wall Walks
42 Double Unders

Score – 236 Reps + 408m


Opt Online Comp Day 1 18-02-2013

A. Find a 10 TNG Squat Snatch

– No Early arm pull
– No Movement of Feet
– Hips below knees
– Stand to full Extension
– Preservation of back

I knew this would be a tough one for me with only a 1RM of 75kg I ended up having two attempts.

45kg and I submitted 50kg as seen below

10 Mins Rest


40 sec burpees 20 sec rest x 4
Weight 198lbs/91kg
Height 72.04 Inches/183 cm

R1 16
R2 10
R3 9
R4 10

Total = 45 Burpees

Rest 15 Mins


7 Rounds
10 Deadlift @ 187.392lbs (didn’t have exact weight so I had to round up to 85kg)
15 Wall Ball

T= 11:37

Was absolutely spent after each of these 3. It was a big day of work Starting at 4:30am and working 6 classes straight. Had lunch and an hour sleep and back to work for the arvo. Hit the WOD at 5:30pm

A. Deadlift 6, 4, 2; rest 2 min
165kg, 175kg, 180kg
B. Split jerk; 2 reps on the min for 10 min @80% 1rm
Haven’t done these in a while so the first few at this weight were a little scratchy
10 min amrap:
15 power clean 95# (wrist was a little sore from heavy squat cleans so I changed these to Power Snatches)
10 bar facing burpees
5 box jumps 30″
3 Rnds + 6 Snatches