Eat your heart out Michael Johnson

Run 400m @85%
Rest 2 min
(rest 5 min bw sets 6/7)













First 200’s were done in about 42-44 sec. My prob was upon the turnaround as always straight into a big headwind. During the last two I gulped a little too much water and felt as though it was going to come straight back up on each of the last 100’s. a little slow

Today before training went to the supplements store guy was super helpful ended up with a straight carbohydrate, protein whey and L-Carnitine.

When training was done mixed 20g of whey – 90g Carb – 10g L-Carnitine different approach to being a mixture but a least I know what I’m getting

Heavy Back Squat Wave

A. Back squat 8, 3, 8, 3, 8, 3; rest 2 min

110 – 130 – 115 – 135 – 125 – 145

Goes to show that Intook it easy on my max set of 12 the other day 
B1. Weighted chin up 1-2 tough reps x4; rest 20 seconds

32kg x 2 x 4
B2. Amrap muscle ups in 90 seconds x4; rest 3 min


Third set I had a mental blank and didn’t really kip
For time:
30 thrusters 95#
500m row


5 min amrap @85%
Airydne 10 calories
12 wall balls
6 toes to bar
Rest 3 min

3 Rounds

5 min amrap @85%
Row 200m
10 ohs 95#
5 knees to elbow
Rest 4 min

2 Rounds+ 200m Row

5 min amrap @85%

Airdyne 12 calories

12 thrusters 45#
6 CTB chin ups

2 Rounds + 12 Cals

Feeling really good ATM sore as but in a good way. Have energy throughout wods.

Sleep 6 hours Broken

Breakfast – 100g Ham, 1/2 avo, piece of sweet potato and carrot

Post WOD baby food

Lunch 3 x lamb chops and and 150 g Chicken thigh fillet

Post Wod baby food + iced coffee

Dinner ground beef salad with cheese Tom, avo, spinach


Good Ol’ fashioned Huff and Puff

A. TnG deadlift; build to a 5 rep max
B. TnG deadlift; build to a 3 rep max
C. Bench press 12, 10, 8; rest 2 min
70 x 12, 80 x 10, 90 x 8
D1. HSPU; amrap strict in 5 min; rest 0 seconds
20 Strict
D2. HSPU; amrap kipping in 5 min
16 Kipping
15 min amrap:
15 power clean 50kg
15 push press 40kg
30 double unders

 4 Rounds + 2 Push Press

Solid 7 Hour sleep

Breakfast – 2 Hard Boiled eggs, 1/2 Avo

Post Training – 150ml/g of Mashed Sweet Potato/Carrot/apple all natural (organic baby food)

Lunch – Chicken enchiladas, 1 x avo, spoon of peanut butter. 

Lunch – 


And sooo a new phase begins. Bring on the open.

A. Squat snatch; build to a tough single
B. Drop to 77% of A and perform 20 reps for time
C. Back squat; build to a 12 rep max in 3 attempts (if needed).  When
you take the weight out of the rack you have 1 min to perform all ten
Wasn’t feeling the love after our Xmas party. Feeling tired. Co-ordination and timing seemed a little off. As they say in horse racing better for the run.
T= 9:31
30 UB
then 8 x 15 UB
Adductors where a little tight before the start of this one. It wasn’t my legs that fatigued it was my arms and chest.
Sleep 8 Hours Solid
Breakfast 3 fried eggs, 2 beef patties, 1 x tomato, 1/2 Avocado
Lunch 2 x ham and cheese rice on rice cakes
Dinner – 2 x chicken enchiladas & salad
Protein shake after both sessions
Video to follow

High & Lows Part 2

A. Build to a 1rm Power Snatch

80kg Not pretty but its a PR

This next phase I would really like to consolidate that and get that tidier. On the video below to previous weights at 70 & 75kg were ok. 80kg Psyched me out..

B. Build to a 1rm Push Press

100kg club

C. 3 Rounds

Row 500m
12 Deads @ 85kg
21 Box Jumps

T: 9:53 New PR by 27 sec

Super pumped with this one as the previous day was a bit of a low.

Had a straight through sleep of 6 hours.

2 x beef patties and 2 eggs before training at 5:30am

High & Lows


3000m Run on Track

Had super high hopes of bettering my original time in testing as I was looking at this as a big sesh within the month. It wasn’t to be. Absolutely no excuses felt good wasn’t sore or tight unlike last time. Yeah it was about 30 degrees (about 105) but clear blue skies.


Breakfast Bacon, 2 x poached eggs, avocado, baked beans, mushrooms & Tomato
Lunch – 4 x Vegetable Goyza (Chinese dumpling)
Plenty of water and what I think was well hydrated

Time: 13:46 (6 seconds slower than in original test)

So what to take from this? Not as fast as last time – am I unfitter? Good to maintain energy system without too much work on it – Maybe? or I’m hoping. Couple of Kilos heavier? When completed test the first time came off the back of doing half marathon. Alot stronger in other areas, 20kg Increase in clean, 15kg Back Squat, 17.5kg Weighted Pullup & greater capacity for M/U and HSPU. Yes I’m disappointed but there are good days and bad. Hopefully the next time I hit the gym will be a good one can’t dwell too much on today, analyse and move on.



Modified Seshion New PR


A. Instead of doing 3 heavy hang cleans from below the knee I did 3 Hang snatch from below the knee. My forearm was a bit sore from Tuesday’s session. Focused on speed underneath the bar and trying to force my knees out.

B. Was meant to hit 3 x 5 1 1/4 Front squats. I didn’t want too much extension of my wrist so modified to O/H Squats. Felt solid did 3 x 8 @ 60kg

C. 30 M/U for Time

Over a 6min PR with a total time 10:14 super happy with this even with a sore forearm that was affecting gripping rings. Failed a few attempts tried for a few 3’s instead of settling for 2’s.