EMOM 1 x 12

A. Squat snatch; 1 rep on the minute for 12 min 87% 1rm
@ 60kg. Still catching on toes as seen in video. Looking back on previous film I’m in a better set now, less shooting of my hips although rock on my toes before first pull. Still need more work but by far the best they have felt at this weight.
B. Squat clean; 1 reps on the minute for 12 min @87% 1rm
Did 90kg weight felt lightish. Prob need to pop hips al little harder. Considering at start 95kg was a PB
C. Speed back squat; 3 reps x12 sets, rest 45 seconds bw sets.
Did These at 80kg prob bit heavy thinking that 50-60% of 1 based on about 160kg BS
PM WOD to follow this afternoon.
7 min amrap @85%
Run 200m
10 kbs 1.5 pood
5 burpees
4 Rounds 
Rest 3 min
7 min amrap @85%
Run 200m
7 hang power snatch 75#
5 ring dips
3 Rounds + 200 Run
Rest 3 min
7 min amrap @85%
Run 200m
10 back extensions
5 ring dips
3 Rounds + 10 Back Extensions
Enjoyed this one. The first block of 7min was the hardest. I felt I was in the slot of 85% because on the last I actually ran to the rings from the GHD to try and get some dips out but ran out of time. Legs were a little fatigued at the start of session.
Had a good 8 hours between AM & PM sessions
Sleep – 7 Hours
Nutrition – 1 Banana, 1/2 Avo, 1 Scoop of Peanut butter, 
Post WOD Progenex Shake, Tin of Tuna & beans
Lunch – 150g Ham, Egg Omlete, 1 x black coffee
Post WOD progenex shake
Dinner 2 x chicken breasts topped with olives, tomato paste, cheese, capsicum and salami, Piece of choc mud cake and ice cream. (Didn’t have any for wife’s birthday so I thought i’d try a piece.

Push & Pull

A. Bent over underhand grip BB rows 6-8×4; rest 2 min
70kg Across all at 8 reps
B. Incline bench press @40×1, 6-8×4; rest 2 min
70kg Across. Didn’t have a spotter so didn’t go any heavier. Last set was a real struggle. My right side was burning (lactic) more than my left.
C1. Split jerk 2, 2, 2, 2; rest 2 min
Wobbly. Havn’t done jerks for almost 11 months. And it showed. Mechanics were not great, timing was out as was balance on standing. Wasn’t getting back leg back far enough. Really enjoyed the challenge on doing these again. In general I think anything overhead feels shakey because I haven’t done it for solo long incl O/H Squats. Did These 2’s @ 80kg
C2. Supinated chin up clusters 2.2.2×3; rest 20 seconds/rest 2 min
Hit 24kg for first two sets then went back to 20kg for last two.
Sleep great – 7.5 hours unbroken
Breakfast – 3 hard bolied eggs, 1/2 Avocado, 1 Banana, 1 Progenex shake
Lunch – 2 Pieces of chicken. coleslaw, and 1 1/2 cups brown rice
Dinner – Splurged a bit due to wifes birthday. Had 1 glass of champagne with rice and prawns, chicken pieces
Feeling good. No injuries. Hands are starting to heal.


Fun Day Run

Well this was interesting. For the last month all WODs/warmups/sessions that have included running, I have felt like an elephant that has escaped from the zoo, pounding the pavement rather than gliding effortlessly. Sat morning was  odd. Odd for the fact that I still felt heavy however legs were fresh but had to slow myself down.

I ran with headphones on listening to some tunes but had the Map My run voice over the top. At one stage I was sitting on about 4 min 45 km/s as the voice through my headphones came on. This pace was relatively easy but I slowed knowing that it wasn’t Z1 nor that I could maintain that for another 20mins

30 Min Run 
Ave 5.23 min/km
Completed 5.60km

Sleep – 7.5 hours Solid sleep no work so was able to have a little sleep in
Nutrition – Breakfast 6 scrambled eggs and chorizo sausage 
               Lunch Savoury Mince and Sweet Potatoe
               Dinner Chicken Mignon with spinach, red onion, apple, avocado and feta cheese

Air Dying 26/10/2012

Air Dyne – 30 Sec @ 95% rest 3 min x 4

Rest 6 Min

X 2

Looking at this I thought to myself yeah easy day at the office. Well wasn’t I mistaken. I had more blood in my legs that I could have kept a blood bank going for weeks. All averaged over 500 Watts with my high at about 800.

Sleep has been ok. Averaging about 6-6.5 per night. Have been a lot stricter on my diet since the start of this phase. Pretty much strict paleo. Definitely increased in muscle mass. although only about 3-4 kg Enjoyed the little bits of conditioning this week.

Deload Day

Completed an Easy Mile as warmup in 8.08
A1. Back squat 3, 3, 3; rest 2 min
130, 140, 140. These felt heavy today but prob because in my head wasn’t chasing a PB although prob could have worked a tad harder consider last week was 152 x 2
A2. Bent over BB rows 4-6×3; rest 2 min
60,70,70 Done relatively easy. It was a good starting point.
B1. DB forward lunges from elevated platform (1-3″); 10-12×3; rest 2 min
Did 20’kg x 12 which was done last phase so I used this as a starting point. Back 2 sets I did 2 x 24 KB x 12
C. CTB chin ups; 10 unbroken x4; rest 90 seconds.
Completed this fairly comfortably and as written unbroken.
Set 1 20sec
Set 2 16 Sec
Set 3 16 Sec
Set 4 17 Sec
Total Time 5:39


23/10/12 AM & PM

A. On the minute for 10 min; 2 squat snatch @80% 1rm
Did 55kg felt OK. A little harder now off blocks especially to find that tidy bottom position. I need more practice work on these.
B. On the minute for 10 min; 2 squat clean @80% 1rm
Happy with cleans @ 80kg getting taller dropping under.
C. Snatch pulls 3, 3, 3; rest 2 min @ 70
Airdyne 5 min z1
Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
Airdyne 30 seconds easy
Airdyne 5 min z1
First ever go at this nasty little piece of apparatus.
370 Cals
Ave Watts = 167
Ave Speed 27kmh
Tried to hold anywhere between 300-350 on my hard efforts and above 100watts for my recovery.
Sleep – Woken by the kids. about 2am up early to train before clients.
Breakfast 3 x boiled eggs wrapped in turkey breast + 1 Banana + 1 black coffee
Lunch – 1 piece of steak, 2 x beef sausages 1/2 avocado
Dinner – Quiche & Salad (spinach, beetroot, tomato, cucumber and balsamic dressing.


22/10/2012 Phase 3 Begins

A1. Weighted chin up 2, 2, 2; rest 2 min
3 x 2 36kg -36kg -36kg
A2. Weighted dip; 6, 6, 6; rest 2 min
20kg Across 3 x 6 (not sure but I did these on rings)
B. 2 muscle ups on the minute for 10 min
Did first 4 sets OMEM in doubles Yay which is a success for me then did singles from then on.
C. Parallete hspu; 2 on the min for 10 min
Didn’t have paralletes so did deficit HSPU with hands on 20kg Plates. Did first 3 sets strict, not sure why forgot I could kip. Took 1 set rest after failed Strict attempt then kipped for remaining 6.
Shit nights sleep. Got to bed at 10:45 for a 3:45 wake up and broken once in that.
Nutrition has been good. Have decided with the increase in conditioning this next month to be alot stricter on eating.