DL & Row/PS & Burpee

5 TnG DL 275# (125kg)
Row sprint 30 seconds @100%
Rest 3:30 actively
Deads @ 275lbs felt light. Moving the bar alot faster. WAS TOTALLY SPENT AFTER ROWS. Had a longer pause in-between next set. (after i stopped dry reaching)
5 TnG power snatch 95#
15 burpees AFAP (as fast as possible)
Rest 3:30 actively
Holy shit had a little encounter with pukie. That by far was the most horrid session to date. Perhaps went a bit harder than last week. Maybe it was the extra set. Also have not been as sore as I am at start of today’s session. Lats on fire after rows, glutes severe case of DOMS from lunges yesterday. Loving it.

Back Squats…..But Heavier

A. Back squat @41×1, 4-6×5; rest 3 min
Ok starting to really enjoy where this is headed. my 5 sets are as follows
95kg x 5
95kg x 5
100kg  x 5
100kg x 6
105kg x 4
B1. Weighted chin up 2, 2, 2, 2, 2; rest 10 seconds
B2. 15 unbroken CTB chin ups x 5; rest 4 min
OK not sure what to make of this compared to last week. Sets were as follows:
21.5kg x 2 + 15UB CTB
17.5kg x 2 + 11UB CTB (was wearing gloves and hands slipped, removed from here)
17.5kg x 2 + 15 UB CTB
17.5kg x 2 + 14 UB CTB
14.5kg x 2 + 13 UB CTB
Increase weight in weighted pull-ups from last week although rep range was decreased by 1. Feel like I’m pulling easier on my CTB. Definitely noticed increase in volume.
C. Barbell forward lunges 16 continuous alt’ing steps x3; rest 2 min
40kg across. Glutes will feel this tomorrow as will the legs as they were a little shaky afterwards.
Sleep – 7 Hours 9:00pm till 4:45pm
Breakfast – 2 cups of white rice, chopped avocado, 150g ham, 2 mashed boiled eggs.
WOD – 7:30am
Post Nutrition – 1 Piece crumbed fish, Iced coffee (5% sugar, 15g P)

Clean & Snatch Balance AM

A. 3 x High Hang Squat Cleans OMEM x 16min @ 55kg Completing these in about 25sec
B. 2 x Snatch Balance OMEM x 12min @ 4 x 40kg + 8 x 45kg completing these in a about 25sec also.


Felt Good today weight wasn’t too heavy. Made Jerk block from 20inch plyo box with 2 x 25kg plates on each. Felt my speed underneath bar was good with fast elbows sticking my bottom receive position in heels. Really concentrating on hips. As for my SB, focused on hitting bottom of O/H squat with fast drop. Wasn’t sure what my O/H is for a single so percentage may be out a little. Shoulders felt worked by the end. Was able to stand comfortably.

Sleep – 9.00pm Bed woke at 5:45am broken once however had good sleep.
Nutrition (about last week have been having 3 fish oil tabs which haven’t mentioned)
Breakfast – 1 1/2 cups white rice, 150g ham, 3 fried eggs, 1 avocado mixed all together with a dash of sweet chilli sauce.
Post WOD – Coconut Water & small Iced Coffee
Lunch – 2 Large chicken breasts and half a bowl of steamed veggies + 2 teaspoons of peanut butter
WOD – 4.00pm Post WOD WPI shake
Dinner – Taco Tuesday (beef mince, avocado, tomato, onion, cheese x 4)

5 min amrap @90%
5 burpees
5 KBS 2 pood
5 box jumps 24″
5 Rnds + 1 Burpee
Rest 3 min
5 min amrap @90%
5 TnG DL 155#
5 push press 95#
20 double unders
5 Rnds 
Rest 3 min
5 min amrap @90%
5 burpees
5 box jumps 24″
5 Rnds
Good WOD. It was tough towards the end. 1st Round was definitely paced well at 75 reps prob could have got 83 reps had I gone a little quicker but felt right in the slot of 90%. Burpees Gas the shit out of me. The 2nd AMRAP were all movements I enjoy prob same as the 1st I thought pacing was spot on for where I’m at, at the moment.
3rd AMRAP went out a little too hard finishing the first round in about 40 sec felt like I was starting to puff a bit too hard. Pace really slowed not sure if I made the mistake of touch and go on my box jumps as I fatigued missed 2 which cost me some time. Finished 1 burpee short but by then felt as though I was almost redlining. Should have slowed my first min down a bit and tried to continually keep moving. Almost every set was done in about 50sec. Video to follow.

Deads/CGBP/Bent Over Rows & Powell Raises

A. Deadlift @41×1, 4-6×5; rest 2 min
B1. Close grip bench press @41×0, 4-6×4; rest 1 min
B2. Bent over wide grip barbell rows @31×2, 4-6×4; rest 1 min
C. Powell raises @40×0, 6-8×3/arm; rest 1 min bw arms
1000m Row Then
2 Rounds 10 Pushups, 10 Back Extensions, 10 T2B, 10 Wallballs
A. 110kg Across. Had no straps so grip was the limiting factor. Although it is a different stimulus the erectors sure were working.
B. 70kg x 6 – 75kg x 6 x 2 sets  & 75kg x 5 on last set
B2. Started inside snatch grip with hands held 50kg across x 6 reps
C. Powell Raise 3 x 8 per arm @ 5kg 
Sleep – 8:30pm bed woke at 3:45am felt good on waking considering the lack of sleep previous day.
Breakfast – 2 Hard boiled eggs wrapped in 100g of ham
Lunch – 2 big pieces of leftover quiche from dinner last night + 4 Pikelets as pre Wod snack
WOD @ 3:20pm Whey protein Isolate shake upon completion
Dinner – 1 Sausage + 350g Rump Steak with sweet potato, carrots, broccoli & Pumpkin. 1 Coke Zero.
Looking forward to working on cleans and snatch balance tomorrow. Feeling fresh at the moment which is good. Amazing what some consistency can do.

25/08/12 Pullup/HSPU


Strict Pullup
Strict Handstand Pushup

T= 30:20

Frusting WOD as far as HSPU concerned. Was halfway through my 3rd last set of HSPU (11’s) at the 14min Mark. Felt good on Pullups from about and breaking sets up at about 5/7 reps.

Sleep was good bed at 9:00pm on the friday night still and early start 4:45am felt better than previous day upon waking.

Breakfast – egg and sausage at 6:00am
Lunch – chicken wrap
WOD at 13:00pm
Went to the local football and had dinner there. Consisted of beer, spring rolls, battered fish, fries.

Deads/Row Sprints & Burpees

5 TnG DL 275#
Row sprint 30 seconds @100%
Rest 3:30 actively
172m, 176m, 175m
5 TnG power clean 135#
15 burpees AFAP (as fast as possible)
Rest 3:30 actively
.55s, 63s, 68s
Was Feeling extremely flat all day commenced training at 3:10pm. Couldn’t understand why. Had plenty of sleep last night 8:30pm till 5:15am I felt hung over like I had about 10 beers but only water. Only thing I could think of was I had a massaman curry for dinner (not freshly made) was very rich.
During session I felt good though. Power a little dampened to best have rowed about 183m but not before deads.
Cleans @ 60kg (135lbs) felt easy as did deads at 125kg (275lbs) I feel as though i’m over thinking my cleans to pop my hips (the video may show)
Volume didn’t seem all that much.
Breakfast 1 cup mushrooms, 150g ham, 2 fried eggs, 1 Tomato, 1 Black coffee
Lunch – Salad w/ double meat (corn, salsa, lettuce, sour cream, avocado)
Dinner – 2 Large Chicken breasts, Carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato.
Will post a video ASAP